еTicketing and eParking for smarter cities – Nikolay Nedyalkov, Pavel Hristov

еTicketing and eParking solutions are top layer smart cities applications that allow for the improvement of the quality of life of all citizens, foster economic growth, create opportunities for new development and infrastructure renewal, and support eco sustainability.

There are numerous benefits of implementing such solutions, among which not only the direct effects of reducing the operational costs of producing and distributing paper tickets and coupons, optimizing existing sales and control processes, but also the positive long-term impact of ensuring the most efficient use of existing infrastructural resources. Such applications strongly encourage the use of an environmentally friendly way of transportation by providing a high service quality and ensuring the mobility of travelers, as well as the possibility of obtaining additional passengers statistics thus assisting planning the strategy and concrete measures to overcome the inconsistencies in citizens’ living standards.

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Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Overall planning and management of the company, which specializes in development and implementation of innovative solutions in the area of “smart cities”. The main focus of the company is the development of integrated solutions for both the end users and the municipalities allowing fast and effortless access to transport services and mobile payments. To date the company has attracted seed financing from a reputable tech fund and has a proven track record of successfully executed projects in the area of Intelligent Transport Systems that meet customers’ needs and increase transport operators’ efficiency, amongst which eTicketing, eParking and eCity solutions for the municipalities of Sofia, Ruse, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo and the city of Chicago.

Pavel Hristov

is Head of Information and Technical Service department, Veliko Tarnovo Municipality.

Doctorate in Informatics, MA in Applied Computer Science, Computer Multimedia, Graphic Design and Visual Communications, CCNA, CompTIA A +, CAE, IT card. He has worked in the field of system and network administration, computer support, graphic design, Web design, as an assistant lecturer at the InfoStart IT competency platform, as а trainee in the European Parliament in Brussels.