Communication and Payments through DLT – Hristo Lalev

Hristo LalevDistributed Ledger Technology is based on replication and synchronization of information between many participants. Nowadays the technology is mainly related to crypto currencies and financial transactions. Meanwhile it can be used for data transfer between IoT devices.

IOTA and Tangle give us quick and easy way of sending and encrypting of data on one hand and secure and anonymous payment on the other.

Hristo Lalev will present and will demonstrate some of the possibilities of the standard IOTA library.

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has 12+ years of experience as a software engineer in the automotive industry. Throughout the years he has been developing devices and working on projects for the leading automotive producers.

Another focus of his activities is smart city projects and connected IoT devices via bluetooth, wireless and ultrasonic communication. He is interested in DLT from its early days.

He is part of the IOTA Evangelist Network and is actively working on popularization of IOTA and Tangle among Bulgarian audience via different initiatives. He is one of the founders of Bulgarian IOTA community.

Hristo Lalev / software engineer, Bulgarian IOTA community