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IoT: When Adventure Meets Technology

The IoT market is growing rapidly. According to the analysts worldwide spending on IoT will reach $772.5 billion in 2018, an increase of 14.6% over the $674 billion spent in 2017. IoT is a revolution for the society and an adventure for our lives.

What else can we expect? Are we prepared enough for the challenges of the smart society, smart business and our smart lives?

Hear about the latest trends and predictions from the leading IoT influencers. Get ready to adjust your business to the new trends.

“IoT Investments: What do Early Adopters say about their Choices, Doubts, Projects and Results”
Nely Vacheva, Country Manager, IDC Bulgaria

“Sofia, Bulgaria: Using IoT as a means of creating a sustainable urban environment”
Vladimir Danailov, CEO, Sofia Investment Agency

“IoT: the Last Mile”
Kalin Tsekov, CEO and Founder, Navigato

Nely Vacheva, Vladimir Danailov, Kalin Tsekov

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