IoTransportation – Ivaylo Toshev

Ivaylo ToshevWhat are the challenges executing processes in logistics? How can IoT help to achieve end-to-end visibility in the supply chain? A few examples of IoT solutions and how combination with blockchain technology may increase productivity and automation.

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IVAILO TOSHEV is CIO of Unimasters Logistics with an extensive experience. He holds a Master’s degree in Automation and Information Technology. The main focus of his work is the implementation of the latest technologies and their adaptation to the logistics industry as well as the constant improvement of the overall system architecture. He is supporter of open source technologies and they are widely deployed in Unimasters Logistics. He takes an active part in the process of digitization in the company. In addition, his interests include data analysis, artificial neural networks, and the components of the new platforms that provides the transition to Industry 4.0.