Vasil TakevABB automation and drive systems, robots and Manufacturing Operations software have delivered improvements in productivity of 200% or more for many years. The increasing capabilities of processes digitization will help to create enormous customer value (cost- reductions and revenue increases) across all industry segments.

By using our intelligent drives and control systems, an energy demand can be reduced by 30%. Via proactive continuous monitoring of motors and drives, the motors life can be extended with up to 30%. The same will be achieved also with the robots, that automate many, dangerous, or difficult tasks.

By applying smart monitoring of drives, motors and robots in manufacturing industry, the customers will receive benefits including:

  • Efficiency: improvements in up-time, speed, and yield.
  • Growth: new business models (services, OPEX vs CAPEX) and ability to expand into new markets.

Having the technology to ensure these benefits, ABB is paying special attention on how the systems are monitored and what data are processed. All this could be described under the concept of The Internet of Things, Services and People. In ABB we belief that human expertise will remain at the core of this new, more connected and digital, world. Connected devices will enable new service models.

Despite extensive automation, we will continue to rely on human collaboration and expertise.

We want our customers to feel safe in the cloud (no matter who provides that cloud). We’ve all seen that customers are wary of entrusting their most precious resource – proprietary data – to the cloud. In the current uncertain environment, it’s hard to blame them. In this presentation we will explain:

  • What smart monitoring we provide for manufacturing industry and what are the key benefits for the customers.
  • What data we gather from our customers
  • Why we need smart monitoring
  • How we secure it (via technology and policy)
  • How the customers benefit from our practices
  • What we’ll do with their data if they choose to stop being customers

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Vasil Takev has over 20 years of experience in a broad range of sales, sales management and engineering functions in diverse market segments. He is responsible for developing and managing the channel partners’ network, especially in the emerging markets and has in-depth expertise in LV switchboards and Motor Control Center systems, Industrial power installations, Power factor correction and Power quality. Vasil has a Master degree in Electrical machines and apparatuses from the Technical University of Sofia and Master Degree in Business Administration from Sheffield University.