14.00 - 15.30

Smart Cities

Smart Cities – the Heart of the Digital Ecosystem Innovation

  • Smart city as national strategy
  • Technology, mobility and sustainability
  • Public safety in smart city
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart city waste management
  • Smart city environment
  • Public infrastructure asset management
  • Next generation Internet
  • LPWAN technologies
  • Social and societal impact
  • Opportunities and open calls
  • Case studies

Smart cities – DR. PAVLIN DOBREV Research and Development Manager at Bosch Software Innovations.

еTicketing and eParking for Smarter Cities Nikolay Nedyalkov, founder and CEO, Tixi, Pavel Hristov Head of Information and Technical Service department, Veliko Tarnovo Municipality

Data in intelligent transport: lost in the labyrinth of law?Ivo Emanuilov – lawyer and researcher at the Centre for IT and IP Law (CITIP) of KU Leuven

Pavlin Dobrev, Nikolay Nedyalkov, Pavel Hristov, Ivo Emanuilov

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