Transforming the Heavy Industry with AR & VR Technology – Bilyana Vacheva

Биляна ВачеваVirtual and augmented reality also called mixed reality is a rapidly growing technology which can improve productivity and diminish business risks.

Leading companies in the heavy industries sector are already investing in VR & AR R&D projects, looking to gain a competitive advantage, reduce costs and improve their processes. In this talk, I will discuss the main use cases for VR & AR across this industry, construction and manufacturing.

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is a VR evangelist and a Product Manager for LensVR Browser in the Bulgarian startup Coherent Labs. She is leading the UX team working on a research of virtual reality UX. Virtual reality is a new exciting platform that empowers creators, brands, and companies to build immersive experiences. However, as a new platform, there is a lack of understanding and guidelines of how UX designers and product leads should design the UX and interactions models. Bilyana and her team are looking to solve this problem by conceptualizing and experimenting with how well known digital concepts translate to a 3D world.

BILYANA VACHEVA / Product Manager for LensVR Browser