Vulnerabilities in the IoT Space – David Shiffman

David ShiffmanDavid will provide his profound insight into existing and future concerns related to the IoT space, as well as exemplifying the required steps to detecting vulnerabilities in IoT devices.

He will be showcasing digital maps displaying the global spread of IoT devices,

and also present the different approaches to deal with various scenarios.

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is a broadly accredited expert of computer security, forensics, IOT and cyber operations boasting a successful track record, acting as a CISO in leading Israeli firms. Possesses a wide range of hands-on skills and experience in the information security domain, David is constantly engaged in trying to help other companies and state organizations to enhance their security systems, educate the wide public on best security practices, and train technical teams in Cyber defense. Some of his most prominent projects include training of a government division of an African state in advanced cyber operations, as well as conducting advanced cyber forensics training for the Israeli police unit. Recently, he took part in various world-renowned security conventions as a keynote speaker on cyber security, such as Cybertech Tokyo 2017.

DAVID SHIFFMAN / Head of Cybersecurity, HackerU