Alexandra Tsvetkova

is an expert in IT and Technology-related Legal Issues, with a narrow focus in the areas of e-Governance, e-Justice, personal data protection and security. She holds a Master’s degree in Informatics with specialization in e-Business and e-Governance. Since 2008, she has been actively supporting the public and private sectors in making strategic decisions and management of current policies in the field of information technologies, and a number of strategic and legislative initiatives in these areas have been implemented with her participation. Over the years, she has been responsible for the overall management and implementation of more than 75 projects, including projects tackling user-generated content, smart surveillance and security, privacy and data protection. As an expert, she has been involved in drafting legal and organizational analyses; conducting studies and consultations on IT legal and organizational restructuring and in drafting of legislative acts in the field of IT and the protection of personal data; and training on topics in the field of legal aspects of information technology and privacy.

Presentation: Privacy by design: a gateway to the GDPR?