Anton PuliyskiAnton Pouliyski

is a lawyer with 10 years of experience in the field of innovations and computer security. He has been dealing with the development of the drone society in Bulgaria in the past few years. His main objective is to facilitate the gradual integration of drones into society in technological and legal terms. His efforts are supported by the fact that he is both a lawyer and a drone pilot, which makes it easy for him to connect to either of the two worlds. Anton is a member of the Management Board of the Association for Unmanned Aerial Systems, founder and chairman of the first Drone Club in Bulgaria – Drone Extreme and founder of Drone ARENA.

Presentation: Drones and Protection of Personal Data – GDPR in the Sky (Privacy and security)

Synopsis: The presentation will focus on the legal and technical challenges that the use of drones are faced with in terms of collecting and processing personal data from the air.