Ivan DragoevIvan Dragoev

is a co-founder and CEO of IndigoVerge (2006) with more than 15 years in IT. In 2011, Ivan and his company started developing predictive and preventive data analytics platform for industrial use with clients from USA and Europe.

In 2014, the focus was from platform development to solution provider including four main aspects: business consulting and trainings, adoption planning, developing of tailored solutions and communication; change management inside and outside the organization.

Currently Ivan is an Industrial IoT business and technology consultant, helping his clients to bridge the gap between business and technology.

IndigoVerge helps clients understand internet technologies like IoT, Cloud and Big Data with respect to improving their business. Together we select areas for improvement of the current processes and technologies, evaluate the business benefits and plan the adoption process. The team can build tailored solutions or integrate an existing one. The company also assists C-level managers in promoting the advantages of the change inside and outside the organization.